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LogDoctor's decades of experience and knowledge of multiple facets of the log home and timber service industry, both past and present, allows us to service everyone from individual log home and cabin homeowners to government agencies. Whether it is documenting, log home deconstruction and moving of an existing historic structure, to the engineering and design of a log home or cabin, LogDoctor has the experience and resources to get it done to your satisfaction. So if you need some simple advice or want to develop a complex log home project plan, call us, we can help. From Media blasting to a full log home restoration. We provide all the services you would expect from a world class organization. Although we specialize in wood log homes (construction, repair and restoration), we are equally at home doing additions and decks. This means you only need to deal with us regardless of the scope of the project.

A comment on the word "EXPERIENCE": There are contractors out there that will tell you they have a certain number of years of "combined" experience. Be careful with this expression. That could very well means that a company with twenty years combined log home repair and restoration experience is actually five guys who started in the business four years ago. We don't combine our experience, because we've been in the industry a long time, twenty-four years to be exact, and don't feel it's necessary. What we have is years of individual experiences that we use to solve problems and get your log home project completed to your satisfaction efficiently and professionally.

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