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If you are looking for a log home restoration company to provide professional services, quality craftsmanship, and exceptional log home or cabin repair services, you have come to the right place.

We are the Log Home Repair and Log Cabin Restoration Specialists providing renovation and repair in the following areas:

- Log Home Chinking & Sealing
- Staining & Finishing
- Media Blasting
- Chemical Stripping
- Log Home Maintenance

LogDoctor's decades of experience and knowledge of multiple facets of the log home and timber service industry, both past and present, allows us to service everyone from individual log home and cabin homeowners to government agencies. Whether it is documenting, log home deconstruction and moving of an existing historic structure, to the engineering and design of a log home or cabin, LogDoctor has the experience and resources to get it done to your satisfaction. So if you need some simple advice or want to develop a complex log home project plan, call us, we can help. From Media blasting to a full log home restoration. We provide all the services you would expect from a world class organization. Although we specialize in wood log homes (construction, repair and restoration), we are equally at home doing additions and decks. This means you only need to deal with us regardless of the scope of the project.

A comment on the word "EXPERIENCE": There are contractors out there that will tell you they have a certain number of years of "combined" experience. Be careful with this expression. That could very well means that a company with twenty years combined log home repair and restoration experience is actually five guys who started in the business four years ago. We don't combine our experience, because we've been in the industry a long time, twenty-four years to be exact, and don't feel it's necessary. What we have is years of individual experiences that we use to solve problems and get your log home project completed to your satisfaction efficiently and professionally. See Our Work

Our Log Home / Cabin Restoration & Repair Services include:


The LogDoctors

Quality and Workmanship you can count on every time

Professional Log Home Repair & Restoration Service Specialists

Energy Efficiency Evaluation At LogDoctors we have all the new equipment needed to evaluate your structures energy consumption profile. With this profile and our expertise we can track down and locate all the hidden locations where heating or cooling efforts are being wasted and costing you money. Many of our customers are surprised at what we find and pleased at the money saving results.


The LogDoctors

Quality and Workmanship you can count on every time

We Are the Wood / Log Experts

We Know Our Wood! If Log Replacement is necessary, LogDoctors can replace everything from individual logs to entire walls including log corners. We have the experience, equipment and material resources to replace structural elements of your home. Log Repair When it is not necessary to replace entire logs, our experience allows us to evaluate several courses of action and then determine which repair remedy is best for you. Timber Replacement Heavy timber construction is not an area for amateurs and we have the experience and equipment to do it right. Beams are almost always load bearing and it takes special equipment and knowledge to work with them properly. We have the know-how and material resources to deal with almost any structure.


The LogDoctors

Quality and Workmanship you can count on every time

Yes, We Can Fix That!

The majority of our work involves some prep and stain work. Most of the products we use sit on the surface and require the prepped surfaces to be absolutely clean which is one of the benefit's of media blasting which we talk about later on this page. The importance of a skilled crew and quality materials can not be overstated. LogDoctors has established a reputation for long lasting quality finishes which we invite our competition to match. LogDoctors prides it'self with the relationships it has built over the decades with the manufacturers of the products we use. Perma-Chink products, for example, is a trusted brand and we have had great success with it. But we are not bound to just one manufacturer for all our needs. Each home is different, each environment is unique. We evaluate each job individually, and then choose the system that is appropriate for that application.

Do It Now - It's That Important

LogDoctors has found over the years there are basically two types of cabins and log homes.  Those that are chinked/sealed when first built and those that are chinked/sealed five years down the road. The manufacturers and log wrights work at cutting extremely tight packages, but logs have typical wood properties that allow them to expand and contract with temperature and humidity. Over a period of time a log can shrink as much as 30%. This natural movement will allow air and water penetration over time which translates into extra cost in heating and cooling. To identify these leaky areas, our energy evaluation team uses various pieces of sophisticated equipment to identify where the leaks are in the structure. LogDoctors is committed to continuous improvement through the understanding and use of all new technologies that are available to our industry. Together with modern tools and old fashioned experience we insure that your job will always receive:
  • Quality Materials
  • Quality Workmanship
  • Quality Design
  • Project Management
  • Value Beyond Expectation

Media Blasting

Over the past decade we have found that we are prepping more and more homes for staining with a new modern technique called " Media Blasting " rather than with the more conventional water and astringent methods used in the past. Our results have shown us that this is by far the best way to prepare all surfaces for staining. Media blasting uses the impact of high velocity media to clean old stains, dirt and grime from the surface of your log or log sided home. We use glass beeds as our basic media, but in situations where there are a lot of window or door openings, we can use ground corn cobs or walnut hulls. For interiors we use dry-ice which leaves little clean up when we’re finished. We have participated with several insurance companies on fire damage repair projects and in these cases we use sodium carbonate (an industrial form of baking soda) to clean the timbers and logs.

A Surface Must be Properly Prepared If You Want to Do It Right

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